Stephen Kirkpatrick

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Natural Moments of 2012

Below find a selection of favorite shots from 2012. Some were taken On A Roll and others on outings where I did not see an On A Roll candidate or already had an image of a similar subject. Whatever the case, these are a few natural moments that spoke to me. 


Sunset Reflections

Purple Gallinule Pair

Seed & Dew on Daisy Fleabane

Limbs & Snags on Foggy Morning

Water Moccasin

Spider inside Pitcher Plant

Immature Peregrine Falcons

Threadfin Shad School

Butterfly & Golden-silk Spider

Great Egret & Water Hyacinths

Young Toad & Mushroom

Cloud Burst

Sanderlings at Dusk

River Cooter in Cypress Swamp

Great Blue Heron Preening

White-tailed Deer Rubbing Tree

Alligator Resting

Spiders Shed Skin & Dew

White-fronted Geese in Flight

Stormy Sunrise

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