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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Once Again With Feeling

Yesterday morning, July 6, I pressed the shutter for the first time on my second attempt at a “Mississippi” roll. As I mentioned in an earlier entry, limiting myself to one roll of film requires planning what I’d like the opening and closing shots to be (and everything in between). I had been waiting for a dramatic sunrise, and finally, Mother Nature delivered in the form of a giant, red ball rising slowly over the misty Pearl River swamp.

I spent the rest of the morning roaming the swamp in search of another shot, hoping for an image featuring some type of wildife. I did find three different alligators covered in duckweed and lounging on logs. I studied one for about 30 minutes debating whether or not to shoot, but ultimately passed. One roll should ideally include only one shot of an alligator, so I’d definitely need to capture his best side. I think another day might give me a better ‘gator shot, possibly from my kayak.

Yesterday afternoon looked interesting as storms rolled in late, but nothing developed that blew me away.

So, one day equals one shot. That’s plenty. I’m just glad to be back underway and hope I get On A Roll.

  On A Roll - "My Backyard"

#1) Pearl River Swamp Sunrise  - (H)
Madison County, MS
July 6, 2011 - 6:01 am
Clear, 75 degrees
500mm w/2xTC, 1/40@f8, Two Tripods

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