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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pearl Of A Morning

The cool morning air was refreshing and the morning light, warming. I saw a bald eagle and a myriad of other birds, but no mammals or reptiles. The morning certainly showed promise but provided no shots for On A Roll. Maybe tomorrow, or as I have posted before, maybe it all happened yesterday.

"I have often thought my autobiography should be titled, Should've Been Here Yesterday. I arrived in Alaska’s Denali National Park the day after a grizzly bear took down a moose in front of a bus full of tourists. I dove in the waters of Utila, Honduras, three days after a sighting of two 30-foot whale sharks. And I was once awakened in the Amazon rain forest by an unearthly screaming, which turned out to have been a jaguar killing chickens a few feet from where I slept. I missed that shot by a few seconds."  (From blog post - August 18, 2011, "Should've Been Here Yesterday")

Sunrise in Pearl River Swamp

Cattails at Sunrise

(photos taken with Nikon P7000)

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Love the back-lighted cattails. Trying to get that perfect shot is what motivates us, I guess. Wishing you more hours of Happy Shooting!


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