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Friday, November 9, 2012

Odd Man Out

I received a call yesterday from a man who asked if I would be interested in photographing a piebald deer. He explained that he’d seen it a few times on his game cam and invited me to come to his place and see if the deer showed up. I often get calls from people who want me to come capture a “special” shot or animal on their property. Most of the time the only thing I find is a goose – as in, “wild goose chase.” But this time, I had a good feeling, the weather was perfect, and a piebald deer is rare, so I decided to head out. 

We met yesterday and scoped out the area. I found a great place to set up a ground blind, settled in, and began the wait. At 4:20, a large doe walked out. Then, right behind her, came two 2012 offspring, including the striking piebald. Both young deer were bucks. I’m already excited about next year, when I might get to photograph a piebald with antlers.

Twin Bucks (four months old)

Two Families Together

Doe and Two Fawns (on right)
Doe and Two Yearlings (on left)

Flags Up

Outta Here

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