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Thursday, October 20, 2011

On A Roll Again...

Started a new On A Roll this morning (yes, starting again.) It was a cool, 34 degree morning with a beautiful sunrise. I saw nothing "special, interesting or unusual" and did not take a single shot. 

My previous roll of film will be back tomorrow and I will get to see what I captured On A Roll. I will go over it on the blog on Monday, should be interesting. 

I have discovered this project is like the scene pictured below. The brood is a roll of film and each shot like one of these chicks. Some are lost, out of reach, turned backwards, crowded, hard to predict, separated, and too many to think about. At the end of the job you just hope they are all healthy. There are 19 chicks by the way.

Common Merganser (Mergus merganser) and Young
July 1992

For those of you just joining the project here is a short explanation of what is going on. (For a complete description read "First Exposure" and "False Start".)

My goal is to shoot three rolls of slide film, each with a different subject matter, and publish them as a complete set, 108 exposures in a row. One of the challenges is planning the mix of flora, fauna, and scenics, not to mention colors, lighting, and the placement of vertical and horizontal shots on the roll.

The first section (roll) of the book will be "My Backyard" shot entirely in Mississippi, this is where I am now.

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  1. I'm going to start over with my ideas about film. I shoot digital Canon D5 and use Photoshop. Works pretty good and am pretty good at it. I shoot meter manual from my old days with film and it works really well for digital also. When I got my D5 a while ago and later a D1 Mark III which is my second choice since I prefere the D5, had a Canon EOS V1HS film machine and kept it, couldn't sell it for some reason. Is it becasue I was suppose to read your text about film and maybe switch back to film. Film is simpler but has a complexity in it's process, you got to know what the image is going to look like before you snap the shutter which is where manual mode shooting helps and where I am with digital. i thik the best image is the one made in the camera not in photshop which is what i try to do with them, make the best ones in my camera that is. I do use autofocus but have some perspective correction lens that are manual focus and they are favorites also. Interesting your idea about oness twosee is better than go get then doggy digital with all the bells and whistles and almost immediate satisfaction with correction result. Just ideas for thoughts.


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