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Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Buck Stops Here

Finally, after months of watching this buck, I now have him on film. I had seen him from a distance in just about every conceivable scene, but I knew my best chance for a decent shot would be during the rut, and sure enough, today was the day.  

Every time I've seen this buck, he's been in the company of two does. Yesterday, I got a good look at him through my camera lens, and I had a really itchy finger thinking this might be my one and only chance to get him on film. I almost took the shot for On A Roll, but he never got into a pleasing position. As I watched him through the lens, I studied his antlers and noticed that his right beam was a perfect five points with a nice brow tine. The left side was exact but missing G1 (brow tine) and G4 points; it appears they never grew out as opposed to losing them in a fight or other mishap. So even though I have always thought him to be a 10 point, in fact he's been an eight point all along. 

Today, I saw this handsome whitetail again with the same two does, but this time, he turned his head in a wonderful position, and click, I got him. I now have my second shot for On A Roll. Two nice shots in the can, 34 to go. 

But the story doesn't end there. Right after I snapped this photo, a bobcat ambled through the scene. Who knows, ol' Bob could be #3. 

White-tailed Deer

2)   White-tailed Deer Buck - (H)
Madison County, MS
December 24, 2011 - 12:13 pm
Partly Cloudy, 48 degrees
500mm, 1/200@f4, Tripod  

(photo taken with Nikon P7000)

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