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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Photo Friends

I spent part of the morning in search of my first photo for On A Roll ("My Backyard," attempt #3.) I passed on several possibilities, but I really did not see anything that excited me. I also didn't care for the cloudy and dreary weather conditions so I returned home and spent the rest of the day on the computer editing previous work. While editing, I came across this photo. 

I was in Grand Cayman diving near Stingray City. I had left one of my cameras (I usually carry two) on the underwater sand while I was off shooting fish with my second camera. Upon my return, I found this green moray eel guarding my wide angle camera set up. He really didn't seem to want to leave, just kept moving back and forth rubbing on the strobes. Maybe he wanted to shoot alongside me. Whatever the case, he stayed and we played for the next few minutes. He then slowly swam off as if he had grown bored with the whole exercise. The encounter left me smiling from ear to ear. 

Green Moray Eel (Gymnothorax funebrison underwater camera.
Grand Cayman B.W.I.
May 2008

Green Moray Eel (Gymnothorax funebris)

Photo of Stephen Kirkpatrick taken by Marlo Kirkpatrick

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  1. You are so right! One can experience some very special moments while photographing wildlife!
    That eel is pretty wicked looking up close!


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