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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two Days, 3 Minutes

Later this month, we'll release a promotional video for Muddy Water Camo on our website The footage was shot last Monday and Tuesday near Stuttgart, AR. Following are a few "behind the scenes" shots that you might enjoy. It's hard to imagine how much goes into a three-minute video. 

Day 1:  Scouting the location, setting up a jib in a swamp, and prepping the site for the next day's shoot.

"McGyvering" the jib base
(which consisted of some cinderblocks and plywood) in the swamp

Setting out decoys

The Muddy Water Crew

Not your average production studio 

In keeping with the company name...

Day 2: Setting up electronics and cameras, rehearsing lines in the swamp, and shooting scenes

The talent arrives on set

Director Joel Strickland checks the camera placement 

Testing the camera, monitor, and jib swing arm

Positioning the talent, aka Steve Maloney

"Have you rehearsed your lines?" - Producer Marlo Kirkpatrick

Co-star Jazzy waiting for her cue

Getting into final position

Rehearsing and blocking Steve Maloney's opening line: "Water. Hellooo, Waaaater!" 

(all photos taken with Nikon P7000 camera)

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