Stephen Kirkpatrick

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Light Show

I’ve been waiting for an interesting sky for weeks.

Watching the weather patterns and cloud movement yesterday afternoon, I saw the potential for something special. As the “magic hour” before sunset approached, all of the conditions were coming together. I had monitored a flock of Canada geese working a nearby cornfield for several days and knew exactly where to set up. I pictured them coming in with wings set against a flaming red sky. I could already see the shot clearly in my mind’s eye.

The mixture of sun and clouds created a sky that went wild. I heard the rhythmic honking of the geese in the distance. My heart raced. A sense of urgency swept over me. It was going to happen.

To the east – rainbows.

To the west – a burning sky.

The geese – MIA.

With no geese in flight, I passed on trying a shot for On A Roll. There’s no memory of that sunset on my film, but there’s a warm memory of it in my heart.

(photos shot with Nikon P7000)

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