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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cold Prickly

Emerging from the woods into a nearby field, the first thing I saw was a large buck, who immediately busted for the brush. In the distance, a couple of does did the same, white tails a-flashing. The sun was just coming up through a light cloud cover, making for an interesting sky. A couple of bare winter trees formed a graphic composition that I captured with my digital camera, but I decided it was not quite impressive enough for On A Roll.

Sun Rising Behind Winter Trees

After a 22-degree night, the frost covered everything in sight. Looking for an artistic shot incorporating the frosty blanket, I spotted a tiny yellow flower and hit my knees to take a closer look, putting down a hand to support myself. 

Ouch! I jumped back with a yelp, jerking my hand out of a thistle that penetrated the palm of my hand in more than a dozen places. Not a pleasant moment.

But then, I noticed the flat, new growth thistles were all over, each one featuring its own unique, symmetrical design. After an hour of searching I spotted one with a small oak leaf caught in it. A piece of frost covered grass entered the scene from the top right. 

"Click", #4 On A Roll.

And if the title of this post left you confused, "Cold and Prickly" is the opposite of warm and fuzzy. 

Frosted Thistle & Oak Leaf

4)  Frosted Thistle & Oak Leaf - (H)  
Madison County, MS
January 13, 2012 -   7:58 am
Clear,  27 degrees
60mm, 1/3@f18, Tripod

(photos taken with Nikon P7000)

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