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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Like Father Like Son

Yet another new buck found his way into "my backyard" today. He was with a lady on a lunch date, it was twelve noon.

In addition to a showy rack, this one brought an interesting twist. I noticed he had an amazingly similar antler growth to my On A Roll #2 shot (“The Buck Stops Here”). He was an eight-point with the exact same missing points as that buck. My comments about that shot, "I studied his antlers and noticed that his right beam was a perfect five points with a nice brow tine. The left side was exact but missing G1 (brow tine) and G4 points; it appears they never grew out as opposed to losing them in a fight or other mishap."

Today’s visitor’s rack was a little smaller than that of my On A Roll buck, so I knew it wasn’t the same deer. I can only conclude that this buck is the offspring of the buck I captured On A Roll.  And I have to say, they share an impressive family tree. 

White-tailed Deer

(photo taken with Nikon P7000)

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  1. Beautiful Deer! I couldn't shoot him except with the camera!!


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