Stephen Kirkpatrick

Monday, January 9, 2012


Heading into the fog this morning, I just knew I'd find my next shot On A Roll.  The fog was thick and the water I was shooting near was dead calm. The snags in the water took on symmetrical, intriguing compositions completed by their own, gray reflections. I set up my camera and waited, hoping an egret or heron might land on one of the snags and complete the scene. 

As I was waiting, I spotted a pied-billed grebe swimming and feeding in the swampy area nearby. I shifted my position and followed the grebe as it swam and dove in front of me, seeing potential in a photograph of the grebe in the composition of the reflected debris. The grebe came up from a dive and headed directly towards the scene where I had originally been set up. I followed as it swam right through the middle of the composition.

"Click." I had #3 On A Roll.

The grebe swam right through this scene, splitting the middle. 

#3)  Grebe & Snags in Fog  - (H)
Madison County, MS
January 9, 2012 -  9:27 am
Foggy,  63 degrees
500mm, 1/250@f4, Hand Held

Riverbend in Fog

(photos taken with Nikon P7000)

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