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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Laugh and Learn

Join us on a weeklong photography and journaling adventure beneath the waves of Utila, Honduras. I’m working on a new book titled On A Roll and hope to include an entire chapter (roll) on Utila, so in addition to participating in a fun-filled workshop, you’ll be a part of the behind-the-scenes action as images for the book are captured.

Stephen Kirkpatrick Photographing Turtle

By day, we’ll dive together, and with the help of expert dive masters, locate interesting, beautiful, and diverse life for you to photograph. I’ll offer photography suggestions and tips before we go under, and again when we surface based upon what we’ve just seen on the dive.

Josh Henderson (dive master)
with Coral Crab
Schoolmasters & Fan Coral

Our evening "classroom" instruction will cover wildlife and nature photography with aspecial emphasis on underwater photography. These sessions include instructional multimedia presentations shown on DVD, as well as photography presentations designed purely with entertainment in mind. Topics covered include lighting, composition, lenses, exposure, contrast, action, and how to tell a compelling story.  

Marlo Kirkpatrick Snorkels with Turtle

My wife, award-winning author Marlo Kirkpatrick, will offer a journaling presentation that will teach you how to create vivid and lasting memories of your adventures, even if you don’t consider yourself the world’s best writer. We’ll also delve into the world of publishing, covering what makes a shot publishable, how to develop a project from idea to publication, and self-publishing vs. trying to land a publishing contract.

Marlo Writing in Journal at Lodge

We’ll also have some entertaining talks about our crazy adventures in wildlife photography and travel writing. And of course, we’ll never lose sight of the fact that you’ve come to Utila for your own adventure. Marlo and I want to be a part of what makes that adventure memorable - not the part that puts you to sleep. Your entire week will be filled with fun things to do so you not only learn new photography and writing skills, but also have the opportunity to enjoy and experience what Utila has to offer.

View of Mainland Honduras from Lodge

Boy & Dog Pulling Boat

Scrawled Filefish in Reef

Sunset from Lodge Sunning Deck

Sign up today and you’ll also receive an autographed copy of our award-winning coffee table book, Romancing the Rain: A Photographic Journey into the Heart of the Amazon (one per couple). 

Get ready for a fun-filled week in Utila. We can’t wait to see you there!

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